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Trained as a designer, William Pruyn’s approach to image making is to cultivate and further one’s ability to perceive a subject’s beauty, worth and integrity. William began his education at Savannah College of Art and Design; where he was taught to guide others to see beyond the abstract and see the substantial. Having studied under the late portrait photographer Arnold Newman and the fashion photographer Richard Machado; his work is informed with the unique capacity to broaden and transcend the picture plane, thus inviting the viewer to become a more proactive voyeur.

Photo by  Whitney Irvin

Photo by Whitney Irvin

About William 

Specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industry William Pruyn understands the value of individuality, hard work and creativity. His work champions the individuals and groups who produce our sustenance, the places we live, work, dine, and create.

William brings a holistic approach to image making. Collaborating with clients throughout the creative process to bring forth their vision. His work has been featured in a myriad of media outlets; including print publications, advertising, and online.


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